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Maiko Boyer

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #138066

Welcome! My name is Maiko and I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist under the supervision of Jennifer Nava, LMFT. Therapy is an intimate experience of healing and growing. I have been on your side as a client and concerned parent and spouse. I am humbled to be able to support you and your journey with special compassion and understanding from my own life experiences and clinical education and training.

My Background

I have been all around the world and walked different stages of life. I studied abroad during high school and was a student athlete throughout college. I worked as a language interpreter, and immigrated to the United States from Japan in 2004. While I was fortunate to have opportunities to explore the world and gain many valuable experiences in my younger years, I have also seen the dark side of life. I served in impoverished areas of Mexico as a field missionary, life coach working with inner city youths, teen parent, and single parent. I navigated challenges raising a biracial child with mental health needs and living life in a blended family and interracial marriages. I am also a military spouse of 20 years, law enforcement spouse for 8 years, and Army mom for a little over a year now. I value my education and training that have equipped me with clinical skills; however, my life experiences are what have truly inspired me to help people who seek mental health support for various reasons. And I believe I have unique ways of connecting with each of my clients.

My Approach

• Developmental Theory
• Attachment Theory
• Multicultural Considerations
• Family Systems Theory
• Cognitive Behavioral Theory
• Creative Art Interventions


• Anxiety
• Depression
• Occupational Stress
• Neurodivergence
• Work/Life Balance
• Infertility/Life Planning Journey
• LGBTQ+ Affirming


Individual Counseling

I am here to empower individuals with their existing strengths and help them develop new skills to navigate life circumstances and health barriers. I also view my clients’ life experiences from a communal perspective to ensure that they also have strong and positive support system and thrive in their social, occupational, and personal relationships.

Couples and Family Counseling

My heart is always with couples and families in distress through infidelity, fertility challenges, grief, divorces or separation, and parenting struggles in various settings. I use somatic interventions to emphasize the body and mind connection and practice yoga and meditation. I have received training in first responder cultural competency, peer support for first responders and their spouses, supporting residential treatment program at West Coast Post-Traumatic Retreat and Save Our Spouses program at First Responder Support Network.

I have experience working with high conflict couples and families, including first responder and military family units with unique sets of life challenges. I have worked with court-appointed counseling cases involving family court system and CPS such as co-parenting, reunification, supervised visitation monitoring, group therapy to address anger management and other general parenting skills to restore child custody and parental rights. I also worked with juvenile offender cases in partner with probation team as a clinician.

Kiddo Counseling

I offer creative art interventions to work with children and adolescents who may struggle with emotional articulation. I enjoy supporting kiddos through life transitions, supporting them in finding identify and autonomy, working through stressful times, and utilizing trauma-informed practices when significant life changes occur.

Fees & Payment

~ $140 for a 50 minute session

~ I accept Superbills, Worker's Comp. Insurance, and Tricare Insurance

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